Expat wife, trailing spouse, dependent partner, do these derogatory labels define you?

Have you been stripped off your personal, social and professional identities for the support of your family and partner’s career?

Are you ready to break free from the “accompanying spouse” syndrome?

If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking for a job, a corporate career or another volunteering opportunity. You already have an exciting life by anyone’s standard.

You just want to be in the driver seat again and find your true purpose in life.

Good news, the world is now an entrepreneur’s playground and needs more of us.

There’s never been a better time to start a project or business that you’ll be able to run and grow from anywhere.

I’m Nath

pronounced /nat/, the “h” is silent but not optional, don’t rob me of my French roots!

I’m a nomad at heart, the proud mom of 2 amazing third culture kids young adults, a definite world citizen, an expat wife by choice and the founder of Global Spouse.

I have never dreamed of a corporate career.

Born to a couple of local entrepreneurs, I must have inherited some of their good genes together with an abnormal BRCA2 which plagues our family, but that’s another story! or maybe not?

Losing my 39 years-old’ mom to cancer, I realized early that good health, time with loved ones and life experiences are way more important than anything else and can’t be replaced once lost.

I wanted to work to live, not the other way around.

20+ years ago, my hubby and I both quit a promising career and a high-paying management job, sold all our belongings, packed a suitcase, purchased a one-way ticket and flew to Asia for a life-long dream adventure: live and work abroad.

Live and work, or so I thought… Reality caught up fast. My husband thrived with increased responsibilities through international assignments. I had to live on a “dependent visa” that would not allow me to work legally.

Don’t get me wrong, I never reconsidered our initial decision but I increasingly felt frustrated to be relegated to a demeaning “dependent status” checkbox on an immigration form. I ended up being the homemaker I never dreamed of becoming and what people condescend to name a trailing spouse.

I had a first chance to start a business of my own in the US after gaining permanent residency but failed* (*note to self: I don’t fail, I learn) when struck with cancer for the second time and had to relocate internationally immediately after the end of my treatment.

Moving again to a new country while recovering from a debilitating second cancer treatment was both a hardship and a blessing. I had to regain my mental health and physical strength.

I knew I could achieve anything if I’d pour my heart and head into it. I not only wanted to live BUT live the life I wanted.

I ultimately needed to get out of my comfort zone and set 2 huge goals, both without any previous experience, to regain some kind of sanity:

  • start running and train hard for a marathon.
  • start a freedom business that I’ll be able to carry on wherever our family would move next.

I ran and finished my first ever marathon a few weeks shy of my 50th birthday and, after another move, started my first online business by selling on Amazon.

From retail arbitrage to importing products from China and building a private label brand, I followed a step-by-step proven model and learned to navigate the intricacies of an online business.

But I didn’t want to just make money online, I wanted to find my true calling, do what I love, help others succeed and be part of a global community of empowered and caring women entrepreneurs.

Why Does This Matter To You?

I know how it feels to live vicariously through your partner’s career.

I know it is not only okay but also possible to pursue your own dreams and live the life you really want.

I know how it is when you’re blazing your own path to a freedom business, a path that others don’t quite understand.

I’m here to guide you and help you make a difference not only in your life but the life of others around you and across the globe.

How Will Global Spouse Help You?

If there is something we have learned in life and business, it’s this…

If others are doing it, so can you. You just need to get inspired and put effort into it.

There’s no miracle, it takes time, dedication and effort. But doing something you ultimately love and following a system that has been proven to work are the best ways to success.

And that’s why GLOBAL SPOUSE was formed.

We’re on a mission to help expat partners and trailing spouses find their true passion and change their life through global entrepreneurship. We challenge them out of their comfort zone to realize their full potential. We inspire and guide them to start and run their own freedom business that they can develop wherever their family will move next.

Do We Really Need Another Trailing Spouse’s Blog?

We probably don’t if we want to learn how to prepare for a move, adapt to a new environment, manage a household, raise Third Culture Kids, plan our next exotic travel, be supportive of our partner’s career, etc. There’s plethora of resources on these subjects


We absolutely do if we want to put ourselves front and center again, support each other in our personal and professional endeavors to build a better world together.

So how is GLOBAL SPOUSE different?

  • We are not going to talk about volunteering your time at a local charity or your kid’s school
  • We are not going to ask you for a membership or to join some sort of club or organization
  • We are not going to invite you to participate in cultural events or morning coffee reunions, join social or sports clubs, attend so-called expat networking events

We are going to help you decide for yourself if you want to seize your world of opportunities and be part of a life-transforming journey through entrepreneurship

Yes, You Can Do It Too

There has never been a better time to be a global entrepreneur.

If, all over the world, digital nomads of all ages and origins manage to build and operate businesses out of their laptop and suitcase, why wouldn’t you?

We’re here to accompany you, step-by-step, on this journey to create your job and become a trailing trail-BLAZ-ing global spouse!

The world needs a little less testosterone and way more soft skills

If you made it this far, we know you have what it takes to be successful in a world which is changing crazy fast beyond borders: 360-degree thinking, cultural competence, empathy, adaptability and intellectual curiosity which are skills needed in life and for the new digital economy.

We’d be honored if you take this journey with us. There’s power in numbers.

Let’s join forces and build your freedom businesses together!

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