Why Start an Amazon Global Business?

Still looking for a job with no luck?
Tied by dependent visa restrictions that don’t allow you to work in your host country?
Unsure about your family future relocation plans or the duration of your expat partner’s assignment abroad?
Ready to acquire new skills and experience to fill in the gap on your resume and remain competitive in the new economy?
Longing for a new personal or professional challenge or simply some financial independence?
Contemplating the idea of entrepreneurship not knowing where and how to start?
Find out today why selling on Amazon could actually be a great option for you.

An overview of Amazon

Do you shop online? Do you know anyone who shops on Amazon? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t?

Amazon made $170 billion in sales in 2017. While E-commerce represented 11% all retail sales in the US, Amazon alone grabbed 44% of those online sales.

And that’s just the beginning.

One Click Retail CEO Spencer Millerberg stated:

“Every major trend we see across 2017 can be explained by the fact that more of Amazon’s core demographic (millennials) are growing up: they’re increasingly owning homes, raising children, and buying a TON of stuff to go with it. The bulk of the estimated $5.5B in Home & Kitchen sales comes from young people — those who shop from Amazon the most — investing in their homes and in their families.”

Despite being already one of the largest retailers worldwide, Amazon is still growing and expanding to other international markets. It has a bright future ahead.

So what does Amazon have to do with you?

Did you know that over half of the sales on Amazon are actually generated by third-party sellers?

Third party sellers are companies or people just like you and me, who leverage Amazon platform to sell their own products. Amazon is actually a great platform to sell physical products, especially for beginning entrepreneurs.

It’s the go-to place where avid shoppers search for products, the Google-type search engine for physical products. 50% of all online product searches happen on Amazon and you can actually use this strength to start and build a successful business.

A snapshot of my own experience

2015: we had just relocated from the Philippines to the US when I decided I would finally give a shot at the online selling craze that was going on.

I had time available and, turning 50, I was ready to get a new challenge in life. My initial goals were to learn new skills and start a portable career that I would be able to carry on if and when we’d move again.

I had no idea I could actually build a location free business selling physical products over the internet. I always imagined you had to have some kind of storage facilities that would tie you down to a location.

I had:

  • no product in mind
  • no idea
  • no experience.
  • So how did all this unfold?

    It all clicked when I stumbled upon a Startup Bros online webinar which opened my eyes to the opportunity of private labeling and selling on Amazon. It provided a detailed step by step program to navigate all the intricacies of starting an online business from scratch.

    After shopping around and looking at other options, digging for more information and comparing multiple training programs, I signed up for the course provided by the 2 young and experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs who founded Startup Bros. They appeared to bring the most experience and best value.

    In a matter of days, I was live selling products from retail arbitrage on Amazon. Fast forward a few weeks later, I was already importing products from China and selling them online.

    The system is simple enough for any newbie to learn and follow. It does require work and commitment to implement what you’re learning. Taking immediate action is a must and the only way to put immediately what you learn into practice.

    Note that I said “simple” but it is not necessarily easy. Of course, errors and mistakes are inevitable but with proper guidance and support, they are very limited and won’t hinder progress.

    What’s in there for you?

    When asked “what do you do?”, I answer that I sell products on Amazon.

    Next questions usually are: What kind of products do you sell? Where do you sell them? How is it possible to sell on Amazon while living abroad?

    Well, I sell my own branded products in the US and Europe right from my laptop, from anywhere.

    That’s when I usually get what I call the tarsier look, that puzzled face with wide open eyes!

    I am an Amazon seller. This business model is truly a location free business that can be run from anywhere. One you do not need to start all over again when you move.

    Today I want to share with you a quick overview of what it takes to start and build a Business by leveraging the powerful strength of Amazon.

    Look for yourself!

    Why start an Amazon business?

    It’s a business model that makes sense for a lot trailing spouses and expat partners who can’t find a job and pursue a career of their own.

    It might not be the best option for everyone but It’s a pretty damn good one. It does require work but what business doesn’t anyway? With no previous experience needed, this is a life-changing opportunity for anyone willing to take a chance.

    1- You can do it from anywhere*

    Whether you live in a big city or a remote location, your home country or a foreign land, you’re settled in for the long term or constantly on the move, building a business on Amazon is a true location independent business.

    A laptop, a tablet or a cellphone with a good internet connection is all that is required to run this business 24/7, year-round.

    * Residents of some countries are not allowed to sell on Amazon. Download the list to find out if your country of residence allows you to sell on Amazon.

    2- You don’t need any previous experience

    With proper training and a step by step detailed plan to follow, anyone willing to put in the effort and most importantly take action will be able to start a business from scratch in just a few weeks.

    3- You don’t need an idea or product to start

    You’ll learn how to find products that sell, where to source them and how to find the right suppliers and manufacturers for your business directly from the comfort of your home. No travel required, no need to attend busy and expensive fairs.

    4- You don’t need any technical skills

    You will not need to build a website and drive traffic to your online store. Amazon takes care of it all and offers an easy to use platform to all third-party sellers. All you need are a few clicks to set up an account and sell products online on their website. You don’t have to generate traffic either. You just take advantage of Amazon’s existent customer base as they can buy your product instead of any other option on the market. Your amazing set of soft skills is your best asset

    5- You don’t need to master logistics

    You’ll be able to use existing logistics partners who can ship your products from your supplier to prep centers. They’ll take care of forwarding your stock to Amazon fulfillment centers

    6- You don’t need to set up shop

    Amazon will manage all the daily operations related to selling your products online. Amazon stores, pick and pack, ships and tracks all your customers’ orders. The system is called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It’s Amazon’s infrastructure and services for fast, reliable and best customer service to satisfy their millions of customers and Prime members. You do not have to do any handle anything.

    7- You don’t need to handle merchant accounts

    Do not worry about managing online payments, securing transactions and tracking your receivables. Amazon processes all payments directly from your customers who, for the most part, already have their credit cards on file in their system. They can simply buy with the push of a button. Funds are deposited directly into your account every 14 days, even if you are outside of the US.

    8- You don’t need to handle customer support

    Amazon’s mission is to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” They ensure to provide excellent service and will directly handle all customer support and processes, including exchanges and returns, deemed necessary to satisfy their customers.

    9- You can sell globally, build a real international business

    Amazon has fulfillment centers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, India, and Australia. You can limit yourself to one region or decide to sell globally. Depending on your origins or your current location, it makes sense to start with your most familiar Amazon marketplace and expand later.

    How to start?

    First things first, the training!

    With no previous experience, it is essential to get the right training and best system in place from the start. There’s a lot of free information online on how to operate an Amazon business but lots of these articles are outdated, incomplete or worse, totally erroneous. Amazon changes constantly and training needs to be regularly updated to keep up with those changes.

    I strongly encourage to follow a course from day 1. There are many options available, from dirt cheap outdated or inaccurate ones to outrageously expensive or selective mastermind groups, so how do you choose the right one?

    Your education is not only a necessary 1st step to learn the system and new skills, it is most importantly an investment in yourself, your business and ultimately your success. Setting up a business on the wrong foundation is a recipe for failure.

    Choose the right course

    It is also important to choose a course that matches your personality. Not all training courses take the same approach. There is no right or wrong method, it’s just a matter of style and personal preference.

    Look for these essential elements:

    – Who publishes the course?

    Are they Amazon sellers themselves? Do they know the system? How long have they been doing it for? Do they have references available?

    They are a lot of self-proclaimed Amazon “masters” out there. Very few actually are. It is important to check out their credentials. Anyone can sell on Amazon, not everyone is successful and most importantly not everyone can put up and maintain a high-quality course.

    – What’s the Course content?

    What is exactly covered? There are different business models that leverage Amazon marketplaces. Not all are adapted to your situation.

    Retail arbitrage: it consists of finding in-store bargains and cheap products that can be resold online for a profit. Buy Low, sell high, that’s pretty much how to sum it up. It is a good method to start selling on Amazon and gain experience but it’s more limited to people located in the US. It’s hardy feasible from anywhere else.

    Online arbitrage: same as above but it requires buying products online to resell them on Amazon.

    Drop-shipping: you’ll have to find distributors that are willing to drop ship on your behalf. In other words, you list a product on Amazon and when you make a sale, you instruct the distributor to send the product directly to your customer. It requires some manual follow up and you cannot use FBA so you are responsible for filling that order in a timely manner. It a low risk but low-profit system.

    Wholesale: find wholesalers, preferably with a large catalog of products, that will allow you to list their products on Amazon. You can find them in your country of origin, buy product from them and send them out to Amazon in your destination country.

    Private labeling: Private label products are goods made by a manufacturer but sold under a retail brand. It is a common practice in many industries and the best way to build one’s brand from scratch. That’s the model you’ll want to learn and follow to build your business.

    – How is the course offered?

    Is it live at specific times or available anytime? Is it online for an easy access from anywhere or onsite at a specific location? Can you register at any moment or is it restricted to certain “open” dates for limited time enrollments? How long is the access granted for?

    – Is the content up to date?

    When was the course designed? Has it been updated since? How regularly is new content added? Is it improved with new information, tools, technics, and tactics that will help you keep on growing your business?

    – Is there a support group?

    How many members? Is it active? Is the content monitored?
    It is, in my opinion, one of the most important resources to help and support your progress through the course, answer any question you might have and help you advance through any obstacles you might encounter while setting up and running your business.
    The value provided by these support groups composed of other sellers who have actually followed the same program is priceless and well worth the initial investment in the courses.

    – How much does it cost?

    As previously stated, there are lots of free online resources but none can actually give you a clear picture of all the aspects required to start and run such a business properly. There’s truth in the popular saying that you get what you pay for.
    Expect to pay between $1000 and $3000 for a serious, regularly updated and excellent course.
    Compare that to a formal college education or an online MBA, this is a no-brainer investment in yourself and your future success. You’ll be able to recoup the cost of the training within weeks after starting.

    – Is there a satisfaction refund policy in place?

    A solid satisfaction guarantee and refund policy is also a must! Only the most serious courses will offer it and I wouldn’t trust any resource that won’t offer one.
    A minimum of 30 days money back guaranty is what you’re looking for as it will give you enough time to really judge the value of what you’re being offered for your money.
    One course even offers a 90-days no question asked full refund policy! That’s a damn good indicator of their confidence in the value they provide and the best course quality offered to their customers
    Definitely shop around and don’t settle for mediocrity. Remember you’re investing in a business and want to put all the chances on your side to succeed at it.

    Signing up for a course will be the first step into a new experience that has all the possibilities to change your life, both personally and on a professional level. Next steps will be laid out in the training, for you to follow.

    Do you want to learn more? Leave your questions in the comment box below.

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